Don’t take my word for it!
Listen to what others have to say

“Thank you Terri!!! Your seminar was a “Slam Dunk ” for me! I really got it! When you came on stage to do your coaching – Wow!! You are a dynamo!

Thank you for the event, the POSITIVE message regarding, overcoming health obstacles, and the importance of automating my business. You are in my Roll-A-Dex but also, my contacts.”

Peace & Blessings

~Pamela Gardner

“Terri was a keynote speaker for my Virtual Event ‘The Feminine Energy Revolution’. She is such a pleasure to interview, she opened her book of wisdom and generously shared her years of experience and knowledge for all to benefit from. Her topic was very important for Women Entrepreneurs today and she delivered it in a way that all could relate to and easily put to work. She is generous, funny and very engaging! I would highly recommend her as a Keynote Speaker.”

~ Robin Cordova

“I’ve heard Terri Levine speak several times. Her presentations are always interesting, motivational and cogent. Terri has a commanding presence. She has such immense experience with helping businesses thrive that she is able to use real life examples to illustrate her points, and give practical tips for implementing the ideas she presents. After hearing Terri speak, I always have a list of action steps to take back with me to move my business forward.”

~ Judy Weintraub
President, SkillBites LLC
Philadelphia, PA

“As CEO of multiple companies (including two named to the INC 500 list of the fastest growing companies in America), I have hired many professional speakers for our company events. In addition, I have attended many top business seminars. I must say that your keynote presentation was powerful, persuasive and provided valuable, actionable material that the audience could put to use immediately, in both their professional and personal lives. I find your warm, energetic style captivating.”

~ Scott Hallman
CEO, Business Growth Dynamics, Inc.

“Terri Levine is riveting. She inspires and educates, informs and instructs, and every minute is a delight. She’s the best speaker I’ve heard in a long, long time.”

~ Dr. Joe Vitale
President, Hypnotic Marketing, Inc

Joe Vitale
Terri Levine and Joe Vitale

Over the course of my career, I’ve listened to many keynotes and leaders in the business community. There is only one who has left an impression on me so profound, that it guides my business to this day. That person is Terri Levine.

Terri leads with her heart. She lives what she preaches, and her passion for life and her clients is absolutely incredible to watch.

Terri is a woman who can leave you speechless with her knowledge and deep understanding of how life should be when it’s at its best. Integrity, honesty, and passion are the most accurate words I can use to describe Terri.

There are few real leaders in society who I can honestly recommend and feel completely confident that they will take care of anybody I send their way.

Robert Imbriale
‘The Motivational Marketer’

“My professional basketball career has given me the chance to play for many elite coaches. Yet I’ve rarely seen anyone who possesses Terri’s heart and insights into peak performance. Her unique approach to leadership puts her in a class by herself which means she gets a big high five from me!”

~ Fran Harris
Author/Television Producer/Speaker

“After having the privilege of participating in several engagements where you have spoken, I want you to know how extremely impressed I am with you, your content and materials. Specifically, you are extremely engaging and I found myself completely engrossed in your message. I think that your style and delivery is warm, clearly focused and well prepared.

You have a truly wonderful command of language and the ability to truly captivate your audience. It was very refreshing that the information you delivered was original, enlightening and enjoyable, but also delivered in such an easy to digest manner. This is truly a gift you possess, Terri, and I so enjoyed the workshop. There is so much hype and fluff being taught out there it made me feel really good to learn from someone teaching proven material (that really works!).

You obviously have a great deal of conviction regarding your work, Terri, and it really shows. I left this last engagement motivated and armed with highly useful information that I have since put into practice with measurable success. You truly inspired me and provided such clear and effective tools and information, I was somewhat amazed at how easy I found it to apply to my current organization.

You are clearly head and shoulders above the rest of the keynote speakers out there, Terri, and I wish you every good thing in your life and career. Thanks again!”

~ Rob Fighter
CEO, The Free Agent Path, Inc.

Rob Fighter
Rob Fighter and Terri Levine

“I am definitely bringing her back as a keynote, ASAP. Participants loved her. I even saw tears on some participants … Terri’s keynote presentation was great, professional, excellent content. I can bet that even a year or two after her seminar, participants would be able to tell and demonstrate at least two things they learned. In my company, we started to take action immediately after Terri’s presentation – implementing daily what we learned. Terri is fun, Terri is real, she likes to give. People love her. So to make long story short – from the eyes of producer, she is exactly what we all want.”

~ Aleš Lisac
Lisac & Lisac

“Terri was FABULOUS! She came to keynote for our organization and I have been receiving wonderful praise from audience members. Her presentation was passionate, energetic, and inspirational. We will definitely look to bring her back to our organization.”

~ Carie Tagorda
Vice President of Human Resources, Parkland Hospital

“Terri is a MASTER keynote speaker who speaks to the hearts of her audience. I first heard Terri speak on an audio program that I found on the internet. I instantly connected with both her message and her energy and wanted to hear more! I was later honored to create a joint product with Terri to gift the participants of the International Coaching Conference held in Israel, where Terri was a Keynote Speaker. Both the audience and I were deeply inspired and touched by the high value in both content and spirit that Terri delivered at the conference … so much so that Terri has been invited to deliver her message to more people and organizations in this part of the world! When Terri speaks or facilitates a program she combines heart with high-value content and timeless spiritual principles with practical know-how – a truly winning combination!”

~Tal Shai
Intuitive Life Coach and Author of the Intuition Heart Cards

Dear Terri,

“We would like to thank you for your contribution to the success of the 2nd International Coaching Conference in Israel.

The success is mostly due to your knowledge, presence, and personal inspiration which served as a model for the conference participants.

We are full of appreciation for your willingness to come to Israel, and for the involvement and devotion you demonstrated which ensured that the conference participants will come out empowered and optimistic in their personal and professional lives.

We hope that our mutual tour in Israel enabled you to get acquainted more closely with the country, its culture and people, and we hope to see you again in future visits.”

We extend to you our heartfelt thanks,

~Sunny & Yoram Gordon
The 2nd International Coaching Conference

Dear Terri,

“Please accept our sincerest thanks for your outstanding keynote presentation for Montgomery County Counseling Association.

Please know that these individuals who attended thoroughly enjoyed both you and the evening. They were also able to take with them some very helpful suggestions that will enrich their lives.”

With Gratitude,
~Susan Fagans Program- Vice President

Tri-State Human Resource Management Association
19th Annual Conference

Dear Terri:

“On behalf of Tri-State Human Resource Management Association, we want to thank you for speaking at our conference this year. It was a tremendous success due in part to your keynote session. Your breakout session certainly added to our understanding of Strategies for Success, Beyond the Bottom Line. We appreciate the time, effort and energy you gave to support our event. Our membership benefits greatly from having the opportunity to expand their skills, network with colleagues and learn from leaders in the field.

Again, thank you for your support.”

Warm Regards,

~Laraine Knass & Louis Lessig
Conference Committee Co-Chair

“Terri, I just wanted to send a quick note to tell you how much I enjoyed your talk at The Super Summit last week. You have an amazing energy and vitality that shines through your being when you are speaking.

Your presentation motivated me to look at how I interact with others in my work environment and how I operate at home with my loved ones. The advice to Stop Managing and Start Coaching is just brilliant. I know all of my relationships will benefit from the important message that you shared and for that I am very grateful.

Please feel free to share this letter with anyone who may want information about your ability to deliver a dynamic presentation as evidence that YES you do deliver! They may call me also. Thank you.”

~ Dave Boufford
Director of Operations, Business Growth Dynamics, Inc.

“I have known Terri Levine for 5 years and have had her speak at numerous conferences that the company has held. Terri is an extremely powerful keynote speaker who presents concepts that help people expand on their horizons and become proactive in thinking and her facilitating “Out of the Box” results.

After each one of Terri’s presentations to our Sales Organization, we found a dramatic increase in Sales activity and a large increase in our clients order placement. This is a direct result of her wonderful ability to connect with the audience and conduct an interactive approach to growing people. This approach invigorates them to realize the possibilities that exist to achieve their personal as well as professional goals with a realistic time frame.

It is my pleasure to recommend, with no hesitation, a person that has helped our organization grow and flourish. Please feel free to contact me at 610-398-0501 if I can be of any further assistance.”

~ Steven H. Shedroff
Sales Manager (a domestically based multi billion dollar international corporation)

“In addition to your main keynote and fielding some very thoughtful questions, we were also blessed with your modeling “From Selling to Serving” for LIVE Coaching. Your professionalism and integrity with your belief in the power of the model were equally as inspiring. I now know why you are referred to as the “wisdom wizard”.

Thank you from the PACA Executive Board and Membership.”

~Gerrie Dresser

Terri, you were as usual…

…absolutely AWESOME!

“Thank you so much, I knew you’d deliver the most powerful keynote ever! The content was highly rich and interesting, and the delivery was the best. I am beginning to think you’ve gotta be born a great speaker! :-)

I really appreciate you, and hope you’ll accept my invitation next year!”

~ Milana Leshinsky
ACCPOW, Executive Director and CEO
Association of Coaching & Consulting Professionals on the Web